In Belarus put a curious monument to Lenin

В Беларуси поставили курьезный памятник Ленину

The monument is made of concrete.

In Belarus near Vitebsk, a new monument to Lenin. It is interesting that, in addition to the leader of the proletariat, the sculpture got a cat.

The monument was created and signed by the Chairman of the horticultural Association “Lucas” Igor Teplyakov. At first he thought sculpture to decorate your country site, but then put it on public display, used to be the place of the sculpture was a dump. Teplyakov plans to do around Lenin with a cat square for truckers.

“Little children run up to pet the kitty, and adults smiling, taking selfies with Lenin”, – says Igor Teplyakov.

The cat went into the composition because, according to the Creator of the monument to Lenin it was a pet. “I adhere to liberal democratic views, but I respect the history, whatever it was,” the man answers the question of why he decided to put the sculpture is the leader of the proletariat.

The monument is made of concrete, inside it is empty. While the composition does not suffer from the attacks of the vandals.

В Беларуси поставили курьезный памятник Ленину

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