In Belgium, the man blew himself up at a football stadium

In the Belgian city of Verviers, the man blew himself up on a football field, the police are not investigating the incident as a terrorist attack.In the Belgian city of Verviers a man wearing an explosive belt blew himself up on a football field, reports the with reference to the Telegraph.

About it reports radio company RTBF.

The incident occurred around 8.40 a.m. in the area of Stember. Male aged 50 to 60 years left on the football field, which at this time was empty, and blew himself up.

“I saw a man who walked on the football field. When I closed the door of his car, he heard a loud explosion. I realized that this is the man blew himself up, and called the police,” – said a witness of the incident.

Police in Verviers think that we are talking about suicide, not trying to attack. The identity of the deceased is not established. However, according to media reports, the explosion was found a key that fits the door of the house of the former military, located near the football field.

On the scene the investigators. Residents of nearby streets were evacuated.

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