In Brazil have discovered a useful property of alcohol

В Бразилии открыли полезное свойство алкоголя

The effects of alcohol can be not only negative.

Brazilian researchers from the University of são Paulo established: in the use of small amounts of alcohol the body produces the enzymes necessary to combat heart attack, according to the with reference to 24apteka.

Brazilian scientists conducted the study found that alcohol can strengthen the heart. When the absorption of the produced compounds (enzymes) help purify tissues from toxic substances, they also help protect heart muscle from damage.

In experiments on mice, experiencing a heart attack, the researchers found that the heart attack led to fewer injuries in the hearts of those animals that have been exposed to alcohol.

“About 50% of the cells killed during a heart attack in the hearts that were not exposed to alcohol. In hearts that were exposed to alcohol equivalent of two banks Beers or two glasses of wine, turned out to be atrophied only 30% of the cells,” – said the authors of the project.

According to them, moderate exposure to ethanol provokes stress in the heart cells, sufficient for their death, but creates a biochemical memory for protection against stress. When larger load this memory is activated and causes activation of the security reactions, that allows to save more than number of cells.

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