In Britain, a man tried to kill a judge who took away his child

В Британии мужчина попытался убить судью, который отобрал у него ребенка

A man from Britain was planning an attack on cops and the judge after became obsessed “with the idea of revenge”.The offender was sentenced to 20 years in prison is free, writes the

The West Yorkshire police reported that 33-year-old Ashkan of Ebrahimi has conducted extensive research and collected the chemicals and weapons, including swords, crossbows and air rifles.

Senior officers said that they “firmly believe that he ultimately would fulfill his plans to harm a police officer on the streets of West Yorkshire”.

Ebrahimi was sentenced to imprisonment on Tuesday after he was found guilty of possession of explosives with intent to endanger human life, possession of firearms, bladed weapons, and harassment.

The man became obsessed with the idea of revenge to the authorities after the court issued a decree that he can’t approach his ex-girlfriend and their common child for a previously committed act of violence.

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