In Britain, found about 70 skeletons of Roman soldiers

В Британии нашли около 70 скелетов римских солдат

The finding was discovered in York. Former hotel Newington in York, who rebuilt the houses, near one of the first Roman graves discovered in the UK, writes the with reference for Today.

Workers were stunned when they dug up the bodies at the site of the former hotel. The skeletons of more than 70 Roman soldiers and their families were found under the pool, The Sun reported.

Master Builder John Reeves said: “the Skeletons were found beneath an old swimming pool, which geographically belonged to the Roman burial”.

Press Secretary of the York archaeological trust reported that in 2004, archaeologists found the graves of 30 decapitated Romans.

“The hotel is adjacent to the cemetery, excavated by L. P. Wenamon in the 1950s was one of the first Romano-British graves, which will be fully open in the country”, — said the press-Secretary of the York archaeological trust.

Also, it was stated that the cemetery “demographically diverse” and includes “men and women of all ages from babies to the elderly”, although they seem to have been generally of the same social class.”

Although some are buried on the foreheads of the left has green stains from copper plates, which, apparently, they were buried.

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