In Britain he compared the cost of the Royal wedding and the protection trump

В Британии сравнили расходы на королевскую свадьбу и охрану Трампа

For the protection of the President of the United States to use 10 thousand police officers.The cost of protecting the US President Donald trump during his visit to the UK has cost the Kingdom nearly us $24 million reported by The New York Times, reports the with reference to League.News.

Were involved 10 thousand police officers and it became the biggest police operation since 2011. While the exact amount of expenditure on security trump is still counted.

For comparison, the entire Royal wedding Meghan Markle and Prince Harry treated the Royal family and the taxpayers in the $45 million is the approximate cost estimate for the ceremony, according to wedding experts.

And protection of the most anticipated events of the year cost of Britain from us $2.6 to 5.2 million – at least four times less than the protection of the trump.

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