In Brooklyn on the roof of the building appeared the guillotine (photo)

В Бруклине на крыше здания появилась гильотина (фото)

In Brooklyn on the roof of the building appeared the guillotine (photo)

Author: Alina Dykman

Photo: Twitter/Hannah Silk Champagne

Brooklyn Greenpoint New York

A resident of new York Hannah silk champagne was preparing for a difficult conversation with his boss, when suddenly saw from the window of his office IS: a big rusty guillotine on the roof in Greenpoint (Brooklyn).

A girl posted a photo on Twitter and it quickly went viral.

New Yorkers have built a different idea of what it could mean. The message to the government, considering that the guillotine was at the time one of the symbols of the French revolution? The installation on the eve of Halloween? Someone’s prank?

VICE reporters still managed to find out who the author of this guillotine. Designed by the artist James Sibel, a native of San Francisco, renting in the building of the Studio.

“I see it as a symbol of the unjust system of health care, — said the artist. — It always seemed to me absurd that we have — one of the leading countries of the world — there is no free healthcare. It’s not a symbol of fomenting a new revolution, but a way to draw attention to the most pernicious aspect of modern capitalism. The idea is roughly this: you are sick, but you have no money — the guillotine will solve your problems”.

In addition, James Sibel use of the guillotine as a kind of advertising way to attract people to his Studio. “And Halloween’s coming up, so everything coincided”, — said the artist.

PS. For those who want to see the guillotine, — she is on the roof of a building on Guernsey Street and Nassau, opposite Beacon”s Closet.

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