In California on the beach frolicking “humanoid” creature

В Калифорнии на пляже резвилось «человекоподобное» существо

The movie has puzzled lovers of the supernatural.

Strange “human-like” sea creature lurking in the water, caused consternation among tourists on the beach one of the beaches in California, reports the with reference to H news.

The video shows a mysterious incident that occurred this weekend in Huntington beach, California, USA.

The man who called himself George, was faced with an unusual scene. In his video clearly shows the “humanoid” creature that emerges on the surface of the water. It seems that his hand is raised up.

George raskazal that “sat on the sand and saw the “crazy fish”. Water splashing, fish jumping out – so I went to photograph it and caught the frame. All my life I was a surfer and had never seen anything like that.”

The video was posted on the popular YouTube channel MRMBB333 where he scored more than 30,000 views in just a day. The audience was stunned.

In the comments users put forward their versions of what happened:

“And that’s why I never go to sea,” admitted one of them.

Another added: “the Loch Ness monster on vacation?”

The third says: “the mermaid. Looks like a man. But then again, these days, who knows?”

But others were quick to add a more reasonable explanation, some said that it could be a whale or a Dolphin, which “caught” the surfer in an unusual perspective.

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