In California, parents are suspected of torture 10 children

In California, parents are suspected of torture 10 children

Author: Katerina Moskalets

Photo: Solano County Sheriff’s Office

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Police Fairfield (state of California) has arrested a couple who kept their 10 children aged from 4 months to 12 years in appalling and unsanitary conditions. The parents are suspected of torture “for the satisfaction of sadistic objectives, “police said.

В Калифорнии родителей подозревают в пытках 10 детейJonathan Allen (Solano County Sheriff’s Office)

30-year-old Tina Rogers and 29-year-old Jonathan Michael Allen disagree with the accusations of law enforcement.

We do everything we can to be good parents for their children, said Rogers. — My husband has many tattoos, he has a frightening appearance, is why people so easily condemn him, but my husband is an incredible man, and I is an amazing mother“.

On may 11, after a 6-week investigation, police in Fairfield have arrested Allen is the biological father of 8 children: he was charged with 9 cases of cruel treatment with children and 7 cases of torture. Rogers, which was charged with child endangerment, was released on bail.

Children complained of burns, bruises and injuries that are similar to the traces from the pneumatic weapon, said Lieutenant Greg Hurlbut. In addition, according to police, they lived in “unsafe and unsanitary conditions” — all in one room, among the debris, spoiled food, and animal and human feces.

Chief Deputy district attorney of Solano County Sharon Henry confirmed that Rogers and Allen in his house tortured children “for the satisfaction of sadistic objectives”.

All children transferred to the care of my mother and sister Ina Rogers. According to one of the neighbors, he didn’t even know that the house of the spouses live children.

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