In California prisons, a growing number of Indians arrived in search of asylum

В калифорнийских тюрьмах растет число индийцев, прибывших в поисках убежища

In California prisons, a growing number of Indians arrived in search of asylum

Author: Julia Polish

The growth in the number of inmates from India Photo: LA times

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Congressman from the Democratic party mark Takano visited the Federal prison in Victorville. To the surprise of the Democrat, of the hundreds of immigration detainees at least about 40% came from India in search of asylum.

So how many of those arrested do not speak English, the group appointed a representative who talked to Takano. The migrants told him that they are supporters of two different political parties and have been harassed by the ruling party of India the Bharatiya Janata.

They say they were forced into immoral acts, “said Takano. “They had to smuggle drugs, to commit violence“.

According to immigration officials and lawyers in recent years has increased the number of immigrants from India, penetrating into the U.S. through Mexico. According to the Federal Bureau of prisons, in early August, about 380 of 680 migrants in the territory of Victorville were citizens of India. They came here as civil prisoners and held in prison pending their immigration cases. As reported the press Secretary of the Federal Bureau of prisons, nearly 20% of those arrested in the distribution center ICE Adelanto are Indian.

According to Syracuse University, 4197 people arrested by border patrol agents during 2018, were citizens of India. Many prisoners find that their requests for asylum are rejected.

From 2012 to 2017, about 42% of cases of granting asylum to citizens of India have been rejected — this is evidenced by the information center.

20-year-old man said that he fled from India after him at the end of last year was attacked by a group of men. The attackers got out of the car and asked why he joined BJP, the party of the Indian nationalist government of Prime Minister modi Narandra. When the young man said he did not support their views, he was beaten with hockey sticks and threatened next time to kill.

Fearing for his life, the parents of Sukhwinder sold gold and part of his wheat farm to issue him a visa and a ticket to Mexico in the hope that he would find refuge in the United States. Sukhwinder is one of many of the natives of India, seeking asylum in other countries due to political or religious pressure.

“It wasn’t easy, explained Sukhvinder through an interpreter. — I would like to be in his own country”.

The detained Sikhs and adherents of other faiths complain about the conditions, not allowing them to adequately comply with the requirements of their religions. At a recent meeting with a representative of Immigrant Defenders Law Center, dedicated to the rights of prisoners in Victorville was attended by about 40 Sikhs. They complained that they are forbidden to wear turbans. One of the Sikhs has been repeatedly requested to cover the head, but ICE refused and demanded to pay $10.

On Tuesday, Imperial Regional Detention Facility stated that they provide the opportunity to wear turbans free of charge, at the request of the detainees. Staff also added that the detainees menu endorsed by nutritionists, on request they can be provided vegetarian meals.

To the question about why they left India, many Sikhs claim that in Punjab there is no opportunity to seek assistance from the police. Some are severely beaten, but the authorities do nothing to protect them. Even if they try to move their families continue to threaten. For those who dare to publicly oppose the Pro-regime nationalist parties are threatening fines and false accusations. The report of Human Rights Watch confirms that such cases in India are numerous.

Sukhwinder says that for his parents, his life was more expensive than gold and land in India, so he decided to run. Continuing his story, he mentions that in Mexico, met other fellow migrants, whose stories were similar to his. They helped him with housing in Mexico city. The living conditions were terrible, however, it turned out that this is a refuge it needs $10 thousand.

Now the decision to grant the petition to stay in the country remains an immigration judge.

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