In California remained without electricity million people

В Калифорнии без света остался миллион человек

Company PG & E stopped the flow of electricity to almost 1 million users. In the next few hours without light will remain another 90 thousand residents of the state.

On Saturday, the company began to turn off the electricity to 940 000 consumers – more than originally planned. Termination of the power supply is part of the efforts to prevent catastrophic fires that may be caused by strong winds.

The Bay area and the foothills of the Northern part of the Sierra mountains was the first area disconnected. Mark Quinlan (Mark Quinlan), a representative of PG & E, said that the company plans to continue the blackout waves until Sunday evening, which ultimately will affect more than 2 million people in 36 districts.

Andy Vesey, head of PG & E, in charge of electric operations, said the fourth series of outages could take place next week. “Strong winds were the most serious weather situation faced by Northern and Central California for the last time,” said Michael Lewis (Michael Lewis), senior Vice President of PG & E electric operations.

“We accept this decision for one reason only – to help reduce the risk of catastrophic fires for our customers and communities. We are not compromising the safety of our customers, which is our most important responsibility, ” said Lewis.