In Canada accidentally discovered “the Sarlacc pit” — a cave of enormous size (video)

В Канаде случайно обнаружили «яму Сарлакка» — пещеру огромных размеров (видео)

In the canadian province of British Columbia was accidentally noticed by a huge cave that you’ve never seen before due to the fact that she was hiding under the snow. About it writes National Geographic.

The cave has a length of about 100 meters and a width of about 60 meters located in a Provincial Park wells gray. It was really early for most of the year covered with snow, but now global warming has led to the fact that the snow cover gradually disappears. A giant hole in the ground happened to notice the representatives of the environmental ministries of Canada, conducted in April, counting deer from a helicopter.

Almost immediately the cave was nicknamed “Sarlacc pit” — for the similarity with the lair of the monster from the universe of “Star wars” and the adherents of this name already created a petition on with a call to make it official.

In September the cave headed the first research group, which, however, failed to find out the depth of the cave: the spelunkers were able to get only in 80 metres, where the path was blocked by snow, ice and water.

В Канаде случайно обнаружили «яму Сарлакка» — пещеру огромных размеров (видео)

“The cave is huge. When you first see her, the breath freezes in admiration. The first thought that occurs — “it is impossible”, — Rrasskazyvaet caver, Catharine Hickson.

If you stand on the edge and look down, the line of sight will reach nearly 183 meters: these deep caves — a rarity for Canada, she explains.

In General, researchers still can not determine the depth of the cave, as her grotto filled with water, however, they assume that speech can go about several kilometers.

Scientists say that a large part of the Rocky mountains surrounding this area, consists of limestone, however, the cave lies in the karst layer. Inside she rushes to the waterfall, which probably would have punched a huge hole in the ground. Flowing through the cave, this stream of water can come to the surface at a distance of two kilometers, but this is only theory. For a detailed study of the geological formations in the coming years here will be sent large-scale expedition, and from the General public precise location of the place has been kept secret in order to keep it intact to professional studies.

The next major expedition is planned for 2020.

As previously reported “FACTS”, in July in Thailand was carried out rescue operation, which was anxiously watched by the entire world. From the flooded caves brought to the surface 12 young players and their 25-year-old coach.

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