In Canada, launched a really cheap airline (PHOTO)

В Канаде запустили действительно очень дешевую авиалинию (ФОТО)

WestJet Airlines Wednesday launched in Canada second ultra-cheap airline. Pink and white planes Swoop will fly in the country. The first flight will take place early in the morning before dawn from Hamilton, Ontario to Abbotsford, BC.

President Swoop Steven Greenway believes that the idea is very promising and will be in excellent demand. Such a conclusion he made after careful monitoring of the canadian air transportation for several months.

So Swoop, Flair Airlines and other low-cost airlines are trying to lure more than 5 million canadian passengers who cross the border and fly to their destinations from U.S. airports.

According to preliminary calculations, to return passengers will take more than 12 months. This will be introduced a variety of discounts that will apply to everything, including meals on the plane and check Luggage.

Swoop is in the area of business aviation that does not have a good history of success in Canada: Jetsgo, Air Canada’s Tango, Canada 3000 and Roots Air have all suffered setbacks in the past.

Canada is the only country of the G7 group that has no real low-cost airline with really low prices. However, in other countries of the Big Seven such inputs low-cost airlines has completed successfully.

According to Swoop, ticket prices must be 30-40% less than national carriers. The key idea where the price will be reduced, is the addition of seats in the 189-seater Boeing 737-800. By design, a low price will push the change to the aircraft and those who will never fly because of expensive tickets.

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