In Canada, the girl mistook a Nissan with a Infinity and accidentally stole a car

В Канаде девушка перепутала Nissan с Infinity и случайно угнала авто

It happens.

In Ontario, the woman “stole” a car, mixed it with the one you rented, according to the with reference to

In late June, an elderly woman rented a black Nissan Sentra, then went to the supermarket. Shopping, she got into a shiny black car and drove away, not knowing that it’s someone else’s car.

The stolen vehicle was a black Infinity QX50. This model is the same as rented, starts without key, with a special keychain tag.

By coincidence, the owner of Infinity has left its mark in the car. So the woman managed to start the car and leave, not noticing the trick.

For two weeks, “love-thief” did not notice anything unusual. All is revealed when the lease ended, and the woman tried to return the car.

The Manager said they don’t rent these models, and together they went to the supermarket Parking lot, where he found the missing Nissan.

The owner of the “stolen” car was a man with a sense of humor and will not press charges.

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