In Central Park new York “zombie virus” has already infected raccoons 85

В Центральном парке Нью-Йорка «зомби-вирусом» заразились уже 85 енотов

In Central Park new York “zombie virus” has already infected raccoons 85

Author: Vadym Matus


raccoon news new York new York-a rare disease of the Central Park

Outbreak of distemper among the inhabitants of one of the most popular parks of the Big Apple was not going to go down. Since the beginning of summer in Central Park was already 85 cases of the disease among raccoons. Distemper, which is popularly nicknamed the “zombie virus“, threat primarily for dogs, which there often are walking new Yorkers.

Raccoons are accustomed to the visitors and is quite friendly to them. So, on a CBS New York story showed how these cute and sociable animals to feed people. However, the local Ranger is not advised to do this.

For human distemper is not a threat, but the dog from contact with infected raccoons may suffer, warns the vet , Babette Gladstein. Just one little scratch or a bite and your pet at risk to get the “zombie virus”. In addition, dogs carrying traces of feces of raccoons, which may contain parasites. So, round worms are in the body 70% of raccoons.

By the way, in the last days there were several attacks of these little predators, and people. Test animals for rabies in each case was negative.

While vets and the administration of Central Park, looking for a solution to the problem of its visitors are asked to exercise caution and to refrain from walking Pets without a leash.

Noticing the suspicious behavior of the inhabitants of the Park, be sure to consult a Park Ranger or call the hotline 311.

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