In China, implementing a unique technology to identify people

В Китае внедряют уникальную технологию идентификации людей

Development of Anjana not able to identify people in real time.

In China, police began using a system that is using artificial intelligence identificeret people by body shape and how they walk.

The first cities that introduced “recognition by gait”, began to Beijing and Shanghai.

CEO created the company’s system Watrix Juan Unjani (Huang Yongzhen) said that the development can recognize a person from a distance of 50 meters even when his face is completely hidden

As noted by the CEO, it can compensate for the lack of a system of facial recognition, which need a high-quality image of a human face.

“We do not need the cooperation of people in order to recognize them. Gait analysis is not fool limping or making a pitch is wider because we analyzed all the features of a specific body,” said Juan Unjani, CEO Watrix

FOR Watrix extracts the human silhouette from the video and creates a model for how he will move on, then the system analyzes the movement of the shape.

Development of Anjana not able to identify people in real time: live, we need to load the program manually; the analysis time of the video is 10 minutes.

Unjani claims that his system works with 94% accuracy and that is enough for commercial distribution. According to him, technology can work in conjunction with face recognition for better effect.

Recognition technology gait is not new: on it for at least 10 years working in Japan, UK and USA.

During the research, scientists came face to face with the doubt that gait is quite unique.

The number of surveillance cameras in China is the largest in the world – the country has a uniform network of 170 million units.

With at least 2017 Chinese police use them for face recognition.

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