In Crimea, discovered the remains of ancient animals

В Крыму обнаружили останки древних животных

In the Crimean cave discovered the remains of an ancient giraffe, porcupine and elephant

During the exploration of the cave, which was discovered under one of the sections of the route “Tavrida”, found the remains of an ancient giraffe, porcupine, and South elephant. This was told by a leading Methodist of the Museum of Zoology KFU them. Vernadsky, Dmitry Startsev, writes the with reference to the Crimea.Realities

In his opinion, the cave was the lair of the ancient predators for several millennia. Estimated age of the remains is from 800 thousand to 2.5 million years.

It is noted that the remains may represent a climatic picture of the Crimea in ancient times.

On topic – Kilometer lair of the giant hyena: what is known about found in the Crimea, the cave

A previously unknown kilometer-long karst cave with the remains of two mammoths were discovered in the Crimea in July, with the construction of the highway “Tavrida”. Paleontologists have found the bones of an adult mammoth, mammoth and other ancient animals.

On 12 June, the builders have closed access to the cave, explaining that they were trying to get outsiders.

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