In Denmark, showed electric vehicle from Bicycle manufacturer

В Дании показали легкий электромобиль от производителя велосипедов

The maximum speed is 130 kilometers per hour.

The Danish Bicycle manufacturer Biomega unveiled its first car. The electric car was named in honor of the city-state of Singapore is SIN. The shell of machine is made of reinforced carbon fiber polymer, it is equipped with a main and a removable battery, and glass the front part of the body, improves visibility, reports the with reference to 24news.

Describing the electric car, its makers speak about a paradigm shift in how society represents modern transport, social innovation, design thinking and urban mobility. According to them, these minimalist machines could be used by the people of the crowded cities. By the way, in the mass production of SIN want to start in 2021.

The basis of SIN lies flat chassis module, which houses two battery packs (weight 200 pounds): capacity of the main is 14 kilowatt-hours, quick – six. They have integrated four in wheel electric motor with total capacity of 60 kilowatts. The overall impact of the power plant 82 horsepower and 160 Nm of torque.

The electric car, whose mass is 950 kg, accelerates up to a hundred kilometers per hour in 13 seconds. Its maximum speed is 130 kilometres per hour. On a single charge of SIN able to travel up to 160 kilometers.

In the body structure of the car for the first time in the world to use “modular CFRP”. Shell SIN is a box of reinforced carbon fiber polymer and aluminum cross beams. Features SIN: open wheel and glass panel in place of the grille, which should improve visibility while maneuvering in the narrow streets.

In the cabin of the electric vehicle has four individual seats. On the narrow front panel fixed rudder and a small tablet that performs the role of instrument panel and multimedia system display.

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