In England at the hotel found the bed of king Henry VII

В Англии на парковке отеля нашли кровать короля Генриха VII

In the English city of Chester in the Parking lot near one of the hotels a collector of Antiques found the bed of king Henry VII. This publication reports the Daily Mail.

It is noted that the bed stood for 15 years in the Bridal Suite, then threw it away to the Parking lot. According to the results of the DNA analysis conducted by the DNA Helix, discovery was made of the valuable oak species of Central Europe in 1485.

Also during the study it became known that the bed was painted an inorganic pigment ultramarine, which in those years were more valuable than gold.

Note, Henry VII, the first monarch of the Tudor dynasty that ruled England from 1485 to 1509 for the year. He came to the throne during the war of the roses, in which the power in the country fought the house of Lancaster and York. By marrying Elizabeth of York, Henry VII was able to put an end to the civil war.