In Estonia came up with an unusual way to deal with reckless drivers on the road

В Эстонии придумали необычный способ для борьбы с лихачами на дорогах

Experts say that method is very cruel, but no less effectiveNew measure against traffic, reckless drivers was invented by Estonian law enforcement agencies, writes the with reference to Avtodream

Now every malicious intruder gets together with the penalty claim, called a “letter of happiness”, a specialized booklet, which gives details about the benefits of donor organs.

Thus offenders are offered free to become organ donors in case of death occurring as a result of the accident.

Of course the main aim of this company is aimed not to increase volunteers become donors, and an adequate ratio of drivers to driving their cars. The Estonian authorities believe that after receiving such a brochure, the driver will think and realize how precious his life in the future will not violate the rules of the road.

Experts say that method is very cruel, but no less effective, as the analytical data upon receiving the message the drivers Refine their driving style and drive carefully.

The experiment is only temporary, but if the positive result is manifested in the large percentage figure, it is likely to formally amend the law.

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