In Europe, the auction went the most expensive women’s handbag

В Европе с аукциона ушла самая дорогая женская сумочка

Vintage women’s handbag Hermes Birkin sold at auction in London for £ 500 162 (217 $ 144).This is a new European record for the price of women’s handbag, sold at auction, reports the

Hermes Birkin year 2008 with 18K diamond castle with black metal exceeded the starting price of £ 100,000 in half on Tuesday.

The world record for the price of a handbag sold at auction, owned by the same firm Hermes Birkin is 253 700 pounds (380,000 USD). It was established in Hong Kong in 2017.

Say that 10-year-old crocodile-skin handbag was already an old pair as “2-level” – no apparent faults.

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