In Europe there may be a plague

В Европе может повториться эпидемия чумы

The sensational statement was made in Germany.

A journalist from Germany, Hannes Stein has compared the present situation with the one observed in the Roman Empire in the year 540. So, in the distant past, climate change gave rise to the outbreak of a terrible disease – the plague. In the near future, according to Hannes, the situation could be repeated, according to the with reference to the news of the world.

Modern medicine is well developed, when compared with the same time. However, we will not be able to cope with some of the mutational forms of the virus that have become resistant to antibiotics. As a result, it can happen epidemic “updated” plague.

The spread of plague in ancient times was due to the cold snap that occurred as due to natural causes or man-made. The Romans were massively cut down forests in North Africa. As a result, the light reflected from the ground and tried again to space. Plus, the flames have added a series of volcanic eruptions.

The virus is carried by fleas, and then “joined” the people themselves. Active trading, during which the Greeks swam from one point to another, led to the spread of the disease around the world.

According to the journalist, people should understand the dangers of the epidemic. It is not necessary to refuse vaccinations (who, by the way, the categorical failures of steel fashionable). Every year parents who do not wish to vaccinate their children, becoming more and more.

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