In Facebook Messenger will soon be a new opportunity

В Facebook Messenger в скором времени появится новая возможность

Now you can manage “take it back”.

In Facebook Messenger will soon be possible, which has long been implemented in many other popular messengers.

We are talking about the ability to delete sent messages, which from time to time faced by all users of messaging. Most often the problem occurs when you mistakenly send a message to the wrong contact. Although sometimes sent to the correct source message has lost relevance and it is easier to delete it to avoid unnecessary discussions and waste of time. More precisely, to delete messages it was possible before, but only from your window correspondence. Now you can manage “take it back”.

In order to take advantage of the new functionality in Facebook Messenger on your mobile device, press and hold on the message, and then choose one of two options: Delete or Unsend. In the second case, the message will be removed from your chat window and will disappear from your buddy.

This opportunity will be valid for a certain time, then this option will fail for a particular message.

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