In Facebook told which data is collected about users

В Facebook рассказали, какие данные собирают о пользователях

The social network analyzes the “contact information”.

Mark Zuckerberg CEO Facebook gave the U.S. Congress a full report on the methods and means of surveillance of their users. Reported by the Daily Mail, writes the with reference to

The ways in which Facebook spying on their users include tracking mouse movements, check battery levels and monitoring devices near the user, on the same network, analyze installed plugins and free space in the memory of computer technology.

Also, the social network analyzes the “contact information”, such as “phonebook”, “call log” and “SMS log” for Android users.

Moreover Facebook stores and analyzes information about the location of GPS, pictures GPS, which he will find in the settings of your device.

He does not forget about information about computers, phones, connected TVs and other devices connected to the network, and your ISP service or mobile operator.

Report, 454 pages were prepared in response to questions posed to Mark Zuckerberg during his speech before Congress in April.

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