In Finland, students promise to give free auto

В Финляндии студентам обещают выдавать бесплатные авто

The Foundation for student housing in the capital region of Finland HOAs are in the autumn will begin an unusual experiment.In the experiment, which students will be free to use electric vehicles for trips for shopping, small trips and other purposes, reports the with reference to PZT.

This is the first case in the country when, together with a rental housing will be provided and the right to use the machine. The purpose of the experiment is to increase the popularity of student apartments and hostels.

According to the head of the Department of innovation and branding HOAs are Tommy Ora, the innovation will come into force, likely in October. In addition, students will be three electric vehicle, which in itself is a little, but enough for the pilot project. The company has so far not talking about how, in what area and in what Dorm will appear service. “We want to offer our residents a simple way to use a car when they need it,” said Ora newspaper “Helsingin uutiset”.

To book a car is via a special mobile app. The experiment may be beneficial for students who may not have money to buy your own car. So machines for General use are likely to be in this situation very helpful.

In addition, HOAs are also beginning to interact with the company DriveNow, which has been providing car sharing. This cooperation will cover several areas where there are apartments of HOAs are, in addition to those where the experiment will be held with free cars. For those who received housing from the Fund, prices for rental cars will make below. According to the Director of business development DriveNow Timo Valtonen, it will help new arrivals to school students to better navigate the city and to contribute to improving the state of the environment – after all, sharing one car for several people in any case better than to buy cheap and, most likely, not the most environmentally friendly old car.

At the moment housing HOAs are composed of 9.4 thousand apartments, hosting a total of 18.5 thousand people.

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