In Florida massively dying fish

Во Флориде массово вымирает рыба

Locals have dubbed the phenomenon “blood plague”.

In a sea of suffocating and dying fish and other inhabitants. Authorities to urgently close the beaches, as they became dangerous, according to the with reference to the news of the world.

The essence of these events, as it turned out, is the proliferation of toxic algae that is widely distributed in the Gulf of Mexico and then made their way across the Atlantic. People after a dip last week EN masse began to complain of cough, burning eyes and other symptoms.

According to Daily Star, dead fish began to find in MacArthur Park, where just is the coastline. It is noted that there is more threat of the algae Karenia Brevis.

Doctors take people with a diagnosis of respiratory distress. To minimize all risks, some beaches were closed. Expert: Justus knight remembered the prophecy from the Bible, which noted the appearance of bloody water. Now this story occurs in the waters of the Gulf to Florida (about 215 kilometers).

The water was blood red in the past year. What is the reason – I don’t know, said Governor Rick Scott. Authorities have already allocated $ 3 million of assistance to the region.

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