In Germany “on the go” flared train

В Германии "на ходу" вспыхнул поезд

The fire led to the failure of the movement between Cologne and Frankfurt am main.One of the cars of high-speed intercity trains Intercity-Express caught fire while driving in the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate. The fire already extinguished, reports the with reference to TSN.

Fire in the seam gusset. on the morning of 12 October in the last section of the train. According to rescuers, 510 passengers were evacuated and taken by bus to the nearest town of Montabaur.

The fire led to the failure of the traffic. Was closed the stretch of road between the cities of Montabaur and Siegburg, cancelled or delayed flights between the major cities of Cologne and Frankfurt am main.

Because of the smoke and the work of rescue workers also blocked the section of highway A3.

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