In Germany testing electric car covered with solar panels

В Германии тестируют электрокар, увешанный солнечными батареями

Unusual electric Sono Sion was presented last year.

A year ago, in July 2017, the German company Sono Motors introduced to the public his unusual electric – Sono Sion, equipped with solar panels to increase power reserve, reports the with reference on the center.

Since then nothing about him was heard, and it seemed that the idea of mass production of cheap solar electric car finally stalled. However, it turned out that the project Sono Sion active lives, and all this time collecting crowdfunding means to begin to test the car in real conditions.

It is known that Sion Sono is an electric car body that is made of polycarbonate. On its roof, doors and hood installed 330 photocells.

The battery provides the car a range of 250 km And the solar cells allow to increase the range another 30 miles on in the summer. In winter, of course, with the sun more difficult, so the added reserve cells give a little.

The car also has heated seats and interior, climate control, the ability to sync with your smartphone, system of emergency braking and other active safety systems.

According to the founder and head of the company Sono Motors, solar electric Sono Sion can be a good transport for residents of apartment buildings in Metropolitan areas, where it is not possible to spend the night charging auto on electricity.

Now the developers are preparing the car to serious tests, not 10 countries in the world, with a stop in 42 cities. Thus solar electric Sion Sono and want to test it, and advertise.

The final version of the car promises to submit, at the end of 2019. And the developer reports that its price now is $18540 (originally it was $12000), but the car already has about 5,000 pre-orders.

В Германии тестируют электрокар, увешанный солнечными батареями

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