In Germany, unknown assailants beat adolescent refugees

В Германии неизвестные избили подростков-беженцев

Teenagers received minor injuries.

In Germany, in the Harz region, two men attacked adolescent refugees.

The incident occurred in the town of Hasselfelde yesterday, September 15, at about 17:00 on the Playground. According to law enforcement, four refugees from Afghanistan headed towards his parked car when two of them, 17-year-olds, was attacked by two men, presumably the Germans.

The attackers shouted xenophobic insults and swearing, said police.

In addition to them, came under attack on 27-year-old social worker who accompanied the migrants and tried to stop a fight – one of the attackers pushed her to a nearby parked car.

After that, the attackers fled in his car. At the moment the police are looking for them and witnesses the attack.

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