In India found a woman-a mermaid

В Индии обнаружили женщину-русалку

Due to a rare disease a woman forced to live in the water.

In 1998, a woman from India named Patroni Ghosh forced to spend approximately 12-14 hours in the water in connection with the manifested disease, reports the with reference to the news of the world.

Every morning before sunrise the Indian out of the house to the river, and then, late in the evening, back to routine work. In the morning everything is repeated.

There are days when a woman is forced to be in the water almost the whole day. Now the heroine eats almost nothing: it is enough a couple of spoonfuls of rice a month. A rare disease has completely ruined my appetite.

Because in India medicine is poorly developed, full inspection has not been undertaken, therefore the exact name of the disease is unknown. Patroni Ghosh permanent inflammation of the skin, which is aggravated in the sun. Because of this, the Indian woman and spends most of its time in the water, so that the symptoms go away.

Publication of West Bengal has decided to spread this sad news to bring women the desired amount of treatment. Relatives of Patareni no money – the family is very poor. Who knows how many more have to suffer the Indian. The river is regularly visited by neighbors to cheer the mermaid. The woman does not tolerate loneliness, say close.

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