In India, the stewardess fell from the plane

В Индии стюардесса выпала из самолета

52-year-old woman was taken to the hospital.Stewardess airline Air India fell out of the plane. The accident occurred at the airport of the largest city of India, Mumbai in the preparation of aircraft for departure in Delhi, reports the with reference to Dill.

Harsha Lobo closed the door of the aircraft Boeing-777 and fell on the runway. In the result, the 52-year-old woman suffered an open fracture of the right leg and multiple bruises. At the scene the flight attendant received medical aid, after which she was taken to a hospital in Mumbai.

The press service of the airline Air India said that at the moment is investigating the circumstances of the incident, a plane with 130 passengers and six crew members went to Delhi, where it landed safely.

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