In Iowa, a dog accidentally shot his master

In Iowa, a dog accidentally shot his master

Author: Paul Cote

In recognition of the officers, they did not immediately believe the victim because, at first glance, his words sounded like an incredible fiction. Photo:

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A resident of Fort Dodge (state of Iowa) got to the hospital with a gunshot wound to the leg. The question of how this occurred, 51-year-old Richard REMM said he shot a family pet — a pit bull named Baliw.

The message on a gunshot wound , local police and medical services received on Wednesday, may 9. Upon arrival, the police team of emergency room found wounded in the leg man. He explained that he is the master of the house and that he accidentally shot the dog. Officers did not immediately believe the victim — his words sounded like an incredible fiction. But soon the situation became clear.

It turned out that the “assault” happened during the game, Richard and Baliva. The man lay on the couch and kicked aside the dog when he portrayed the attack. All this time, Remma the gun was in a waist holster. How the pet managed to get around a double guard, the owner can not explain. Apparently, the dog repeatedly got legs in arms and eventually led him into action.

The gun is like a normal fuse, and protection from accidental descent, but he (the dog. — managed to bypass both mechanisms, and then he shot me in the leg. Good that nothing serious was damaged, “—said Richard REMM.

Roger porter, the chief of police Fort Dodge, said that the investigation confirmed the words of the victim. So any crime he did not show, except that I would recommend be careful to handle weapons.

Never heard of it, admitted porter. — I know that the gun can drop and trigger from hitting the floor, but remember to have previously heard about this story with the participation of a dog“.

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