In Iran scientists said that they found Noah’s ark

В Иране ученые заявили, что нашли Ноев ковчег

Iranian scientists from Institute for Bible Archaeology, Search & Exploration Institute announced that they found evidence of the existence of Noah’s ark on the mountain of Takht-e-Suleimani (Throne of Solomon). This publication reports the IslamToday.

According to them, on the territory of modern Iran came Noah and his family after the flood. Mentioned in the Bible the object “Ararat”, which is considered to refer to mount Ararat in Turkey really is in a mountainous region of Ancient Babylon.

Speaking about the discovery, Institute President Bob Kornic said that the expedition companies have discovered 400-foot object that resembles the remains of Noah’s ark. The study of an object, according to him, continues.

The ultimate proof of the existence of the ark in Iran, as admitted, Kornyk is not yet possible, however, noted that in connection with the discovery of “this has strong potential.”

As previously reported “FACTS”, a group of Chinese and Turkish archaeologists and enthusiasts, sponsored the expedition, said that he had discovered on mount Ararat Noah’s ark. The find was made in 2007, but then it was decided to keep everything secret to verify the correctness of the assumptions the members of the expedition. The researchers reported that on mount Ararat in Turkey at a height of 13 thousand feet (about four thousand meters), they found under the snow a large building of wood, divided into seven approximately equal parts. An analysis was conducted of the wood used in the construction. His age is 4,800 years. This approximately corresponds to the time of the Great flood.

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