In Japan, a meteorite fell on a house

В Японии метеорит упал прямо на жилой дом

In the fall of the stone split into several parts.

The story happened in the village of Komaki, which is located in Aichi Prefecture. Residents of the private houses were damaged: the roof has fallen parts of the meteorite, reports the with reference to the news of the world.

Residents first heard a terrible roar that shook the walls of the home.

When the Japanese began to explore the home, they found several red-hot stones with a diameter of 10, 5 and 4 see the Examination carried out at the National Museum of science, found that the roof fell in on part of the meteorite that is over 4.5 billion years.

It is worth noting that the fallen stones like a magnet: it can attract objects made of metal.

Experts now more details are studying the wreckage, to bring the meteorite Komaki in the international register.

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