In Kansas city Boulevard would no longer carry the name of Martin Luther king

В Канзас-сити бульвар больше не будет носить имя Мартина Лютера Кинга

The city Council of Kansas city overwhelmingly decided to remove from name of a street name to Martin Luther king (Martin Luther King).

One of the most famous historical places of the city once again renamed. The decision of 70% of the vote Tuesday, approved a year after the name of the activist for the rights of African Americans became the name for the street. Now place back the historical name.

A campaign to remove the name of the king began in April, when local residents began to circulate a petition. This proposal, which demanded a return to the original title of the Paseo, and soon received sufficient support. A 10-mile Boulevard is located in the Eastern part of the city where there are significant numbers of black and Hispanic population. Those who advocated the return of the name of the Paseo, I think, the original street name “means a lot to the whole community in Kansas city”.