In Kerch disappeared ancient columns (photo)

В Керчи куда-то пропали древние колонны (фото)

In the Russian-occupied Kerch from the ruins of Panticapaeum gone ancient columns, the former one of the landmarks of the city.

A few weeks ago, the Crimean media said that the columns are strongly tilted, they backed metal structures, and visitor access restricted.

В Керчи куда-то пропали древние колонны (фото)

Now the columns have disappeared altogether.

The local edition of Kerch.FM claims that they fell and were removed by employees of the East Crimean historical and cultural reserve. On the Museum’s website States that the fragments of the colonnade was dismantled in connection with the “progressive deterioration of the situation and the resulting threat of physical construction condition of the monument.”

В Керчи куда-то пропали древние колонны (фото)

Columns Prytania (buildings of the public Council) are at the top of mount Mithridates in Kerch. Panticapaeum is a cultural monument of national importance in Ukraine.