In Kharkov, died a famous Ukrainian Professor of

В Харькове умер выдающийся украинский профессор

In Kharkov, in his 81st year of life died an outstanding Ukrainian Professor Artur Holikov. He worked in Kharkiv national University named Karazin.

As reported in the University, Golikov was honored scientist and technician of Ukraine, academician of the Academy of Sciences of higher school of Ukraine, excellent worker of education of Ukraine, Professor of Department of international economic relations faculty of international economic relations and travel business, doctor of geographical Sciences.

It Golikov founded the Department of international economic relations, was one of the founders of the school of international economic relations and travel business, first Dean of the faculty.

As he wrote, “FACTS”, in Kiev, 19 Nov 97-year of life died an outstanding scientist, the founder of the modern Ukrainian school of translation, eyewitness to the Holodomor of 1932-1933, Professor of the English Philology and translation at Kyiv national linguistic University Ilko vakulovich of Coronet.

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