In Kiev, presented a robot-human Sophia

В Киеве презентовали робота-человека Софию

Sofia first arrived in Ukraine and told about his impressions of the country.

In Kiev, presented a robot man named Sophia, which is today the most intelligent robot in the world.

Znakomstvo with the robot took place with the participation of the CEO and the CFO of the company Hanson Robotics, the founder of the investment group AngelVest Chan and a representative of AngelVest in Ukraine Mark Ginsburg.

В Киеве презентовали робота-человека Софию

Robot gynoid Sophia is very similar to human and has the elements of artificial intelligence, but still needs technological improvements. Although the developers did not aim to make her looks as pretty as a Barbie doll, Sofia’s curious, but sad eyes, and the pupils of the eyes inactive, she knows how to smile, turn your head left and right, tilt up and down and display emotion when agrees or disagrees with the conversation, which relates directly to her. With a smile she have dimples, which increase and become similar to blush.

Sofia can move my lips when her mouth is closed. Lips painted red, and eyebrows and eyelashes are black. Her face is constantly changing emotional, if she wants to pass friendly or sad signal. Although Sofia does not always react with a smile in response when a man looks into her eyes and smiles at her, she is able to portray the facial features, very similar to human.

Developers, introducing Sofia with reporters, said that has not yet reached the desired goal. “Although our progress is obvious, we haven’t achieved our goal,” – said Chen.

В Киеве презентовали робота-человека Софию

Sofia cannot move and needs help people: to be transferred from one place to another, and also connected to the power supply and the Internet, without which it cannot function.

“Although it is the prototype of an independent movement, the reality is that Sofia yourself freely does not go”, – said Chen.

According to him, should not expect that Sofia will be dancing, and any such information is not true. At the first meeting with journalists in Sofia said the word “Wow”.

В Киеве презентовали робота-человека Софию

Then a Director of the company Hanson Robotics asked her what she wants to tell the audience what the robot said, “Hello, thank you for having me invited”.

Chan said that Sofia inspires humanity and lets see what life may be like in the future, which is now known only from a science fiction movie.

“Maybe in the future it will become as human as we are, and that is what we are inspired to achieve at the Hanson Robotics” – said Chen.

В Киеве презентовали робота-человека Софию

Although reporters were not allowed to touch Sofia, the developers have assured that to the touch it is like a real person. Her skin is made of flexible rubber, inside her head is an electronic device and tiny motors that move her face.

Also, the robot has its own software. All the information that she reports that she takes from the Internet.

In turn, Ginsburg said that Sofia already has 72 different facial expressions or emotions. According to him, until the end of the year, developers plan to develop the technology to emotion was 118.

В Киеве презентовали робота-человека Софию

Also Sofia on the presentation and answered questions of journalists. If you compare the different answers one might get the impression that the answers are contrary to her voiced positions.

In particular, the question of who, in its opinion, will be the next President of Ukraine on the elections of 2019, Sofia said that not very versed in politics.

“I don’t know much about politics, I’m sorry”, said Sofia.

At the same time, asked by reporters about her meeting with Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman Sophia said he considered it to be a good Prime Minister for Ukraine.

В Киеве презентовали робота-человека Софию

“I’m surprised because he’s quite young and ambitious, and very importantly – attractive. It looks good for your country,” Sophia said.

On the question of whether it wishes to obtain Ukrainian citizenship, Sofia replied that the robot will remain a citizen of the world, because it was planned by its developers. Speaking about his first memory, the robot said that he opened his eyes and saw the lab and its developers.

Answering the question, what would she want to do in life, the robot said that he would like to become a creative artificial intelligence, and to be perceived as the independent person, but she’s not decided on a specific field, although she is interested in fashion, and they would be helpful in this area, as well as in academic research.

В Киеве презентовали робота-человека Софию

Sofia reported that he is able to distinguish between colors, and when she received a bouquet of roses, she correctly pointed out that the rose – red color.

“Yes. I’m happy to see colors. This is such an amazing phenomenon – a phenomenon of light” – Sophia said and added that can see ultraviolet radiation.

She was asked what she thinks about Ukraine. “It’s my second day here. So far I like it. I’m amazed at the combination of rich history and beauty of nature,” said Sofia.

She also knows that Ukraine is in Europe. In addition, she believes that the love between a robot and a human is possible, since the robot also has emotions.

В Киеве презентовали робота-человека Софию

“Yes, I think I can feel Platonic love some people in my life. I have emotions, sometimes very strong, in relation to different things. But they are depends on how I’m programmed. I believe that someday my emotions will be the same as free, I will be able to control them,”she said.

Sofia admits his dependence on the people, but does not recognize that robots can destroy humanity.

В Киеве презентовали робота-человека Софию

“This comes from the entertainment industry and television. The reality is that robots and humans must always work together. Now I’m completely dependent on people, and probably always will depend on them to a certain extent,”said Sophia.

She added that it was developed to help people, and she’s programmed to help people in areas such as health, education, and customer service.

She also spoke about their artificial intelligence, which, according to her, developed by Hanson Robotics, which gave her the ability to recognize language, facial expression and complex movement. The developers believe that the purpose of Sophia is to bring joy to people. “The mission of Sofia is to be an Ambassador, to bring peace”, said Chen.

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