In Kiev showed the robot, who conducted the orchestra during the solo, Andrea Bocelli (photo)

В Киеве показали робота, который дирижировал оркестром во время соло Андреа Бочелли (фото)

The Ukrainian representation of the Swedish-Swiss company working in the field of information technology and electronics, showed a unique robot YuMi, which last year told the world press: at the time of the event in Pisa (Italy) International festival robototekhniki intelligent machine YuMi conducted the Symphony orchestra of Lucca during the performance of Opera arias world star Andrea Bocelli (pictured). In Kiev, the unique robot demonstrated its ability to perform the work of a bartender was pouring drinks, making cocktails.

Orchestra in Italy conducted another instance of YuMi, and the one you see now, we bought for himself, so he will stay in Ukraine, — reported “FACTS” assistant of the Director Marina Yudina. You need to understand that a robot, like a computer — that is to say, the hardware. Programmers can teach it to do different work. For example, to assemble a Rubik’s cube, to fry pancakes, to register visitors. At the event, which was conducted by American automobile company, YuMi and professional DJ staged battle (competition between them).

— It took me a week to train the Ukrainian YuMi work as a bartender — told the “FACTS” programmer Arthur Monastery. Prior to that, under my tutelage, he learned to play the drums.

В Киеве показали робота, который дирижировал оркестром во время соло Андреа Бочелли (фото)

*Vladimir Maslikov: “the Robot is designed to replace humans for routine production operations”

— The YuMi is unique in that it is the first in the world is safe for humans, the robot is able to work together with a person — said “FACTS” head of Department Vladimir Maslikov. Explain what was going on. If YuMi occurs before an obstacle, it stops. All other robots can’t do. So often they have to protect a metal mesh, placed in protective boxes. After all, these robots are potentially dangerous for people: people gape, the robot will hit or move it as if nothing had happened continues.

В Киеве показали робота, который дирижировал оркестром во время соло Андреа Бочелли (фото)

*Programmer Arthur Monastery taught the robot not only pour drinks, but to play the drum

— By the way, in China there have been cases when collaborative robots killed people, — says Arthur Monastery.

— With YuMi this can not occur, — continues Vladimir Maslikov. – If a person touches it, the robot will immediately stop. When you click “Play” YuMi will resume. Its body is designed so that under no circumstances he won’t pinch fingers, hair, clothes.

Initially, YuMi was created for the Assembly of small products, such as consumer electronics. The coverage of his hands is the same as in humans, because the robot is intended to replace people in routine production operations. The robot is designed to lift items weighing up to 500 grams, the speed of movement of 15 inches per second and an accuracy of within 0.02 mm.

The robot weighs 38 pounds. Made of magnesium alloy and covered in rubberized material, so soft to the touch. In Ukraine, YuMi will be used as a demonstration and test sample to familiarize producers with its capabilities.

We will remind, earlier on a press-conferences in Kiev the humanoid Sofia answered questions from the audience and said that he thinks about Ukraine.

“FACTS” also reported that China has created a virtual TV presenter.

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