In Kiev took a picture of another “hero Park”

В Киеве сфотографировали еще одного "героя парковки"

The driver parked the car right on the crosswalk.

In Kiev on the street the driver has parked his car right on the crosswalk, reports the with reference to the Apostrophe.

A photo of the offender is published on the community page, “new Kiev” in the Telegram.

“…Wish all the bad. So you all went on the roads of Kyiv”, – said in the caption to the picture.

Since the end of September 2018 drivers that will Park their cars in the wrong place,will pay a fine of 255 to 1700 UAH. In addition, under the new rules the penalty for speeding above 50 km/h in the city will increase from 510 UAH to 3.4 thousand UAH. For driving without a license the fine will amount to 20.4 per thousand.

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