In Lithuania legalized drugs marijuana

В Литве узаконили лекарства с марихуаной

The Seimas of Lithuania legalized drugs with cannabis.The Seimas of Lithuania adopted amendments to the law that legalized drugs with the content of hemp. It is reported portal Delfi, reports the with reference on the European truth.

For the amendments voted by 90 parliamentarians, three members of the Seimas abstained.

Amendments to the Law on control of pharmaceuticals, and narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances would allow the use in medicine, such drugs if their safety and effectiveness is proven medical research and the drug registered in the country. The new procedure will come into force in may 2019.

The author of the idea of legalizing medical cannabis, the conservative Mykolas mayauskas noted that the control of these drugs will be strictly regulated and psychotropic substances will not be available for entertainment.

“This is a historic decision, the first step that will ensure that at least those drugs that are registered in EU will be available to patients in Lithuania”, – said Mayauskas.

According to the law, the drug content of narcotic and psychotropic substances to be applied extremely strict rules of application, registration and release patients.

Now in Lithuania, medical cannabis is not separated from recreational and is banned under the pharmaceutical Law. It States that for medical purposes can only use substances from a second list of narcotic and psychotropic substances, and hemp is banned in the first list.

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