In Los Angeles declared a mass evacuation due to fires

В Лос-Анджелесе объявили массовую эвакуацию из-за пожаров

To help firefighters arrived from other countries.

California continues to fight the biggest fires in state history. The winds bring smoke from fires up to new York for 5 thousand kilometers to the East, and rescuers evacuate tens of thousands of people, reports the with reference to TSN.

Only in Los Angeles, the government ordered the evacuation of more than 20 thousand inhabitants. “It’s a nightmare, it’s so terrible! I want this to end. Never imagined that everything will burn,” – says local resident Anne Spurlin. In extinguishing involved about 14 thousand rescuers, military, volunteers, firefighters from Australia and New Zealand,” said firefighter Derek Hawthorne.

“Help them, dozens of pieces of equipment – bulldozers and aircraft. With planes dropping special pink stuff, which does not allow the fire to spread. “We use dozers where necessary. In other parts of the used aircraft. In General, we try to unite the crews in a line to create a defense,” added fireman.

Tens of thousands evacuated, homes were burned and hundreds of thousands of hectares of forest are on fire. California continues to fight the biggest fires in state history.

Brought to extinguish the fire even prisoners – more than a thousand prisoners work on a voluntary basis, they are paid $ 2 a day and another dollar for each hour of work. “This is a significant fire. Take advantage of the many resources to overcome. However, if you look at it positively, all working together. Nice to see that all the services came together for a common goal,” said Australian firefighter Rob Mountains.

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