In Makhachkala passers-by caught had fallen from the fifth floor girl: video of the miraculous rescue

В Махачкале прохожие поймали упавшую с пятого этажа девочку: видео чудесного спасения

In the capital of Dagestan Makhachkala two passers-by rescued the girl fell from the fifth floor. The driver of the bus Tagir Magomedov and Manager of a transport company Aydemir was returning from lunch when I saw that on the cornice of houses hanging the child. It was a five-year-old Aisha, whose parents were not home at the time the father was at work and her mother went to the store.

The guys had time. They stopped falling Aisha — so the girl received only minor injuries. And one of the rescuers had dislocated his both hands as the child weighs 17 pounds.

The time of saving the girl was recorded by outdoor surveillance cameras. The video was published Telegram channel Mash.

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