In Manhattan — the outbreak of a deadly Legionnaires ‘ disease

В Манхэттене — вспышка смертельно опасной болезни легионеров

In Manhattan — the outbreak of a deadly Legionnaires ‘ disease

Author: Alina Dykman

Manhattan New York

For the last week in Lower Washington Heights (Manhattan) were reported from 8 cases of legionellosis, also known as Legionnaires ‘ disease.

As reported in the health Department of new York (N. Y. C. Department of Health and Mental Hygiene — DOH), 7 of 8 patients were hospitalized. Baboutmost of suffering from Legionnaires ‘ disease — people over age 50. Deaths, fortunately, is not.

Experts have identified the area of the outbreak and take samples of water in all the houses around 1872 Amsterdam Avenue to determine the source of bacteria.

Legionnaires ‘ disease is a type of pneumoniacaused by Legionella bacteriathat thrive in hot water. People become infected by inhaling water vapor, so the danger of catching legionellosis is in the shower, Spa resorts, in buildings with large air conditioning systems.

The symptoms of Legionnaires ‘ disease are identical to the symptoms of pneumonia: fever, chills, muscle aches, cough. With timely diagnosis, the disease is easily treated with antibiotics. Otherwise, legionellosis can be fatal. In 2015 in the South Bronx of Legionnaires ‘ disease died 12 people. In particular risk — smokers, elderly people and those suffering from chronic lung disease.

“I urge all residents of Manhattan who have symptoms of Legionnaires’ disease, immediately consult a doctor,” — said the head of the DOH Mary T. Bassett.

We will remind, in April, an outbreak of legionellosis was in the Bronx.

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