In new Jersey, faced with the invasion of poisonous jellyfish river

В Нью-Джерси столкнулись с нашествием ядовитых речных медуз

Jellyfish are small, but painful sting.

Many are mistaken, believing that a poisonous jellyfish are found only in the seas. In fact, there are species that live in fresh water. The people of new Jersey in the days just got from the Department of environmental protection information that Metedeconk river is teeming with jellyfish-cross tee, reported the with reference to the news of the world.

Upon contact with the creatures often require hospitalization, as the poison of jellyfish causing more pain. Jellyfish themselves are very small: their size does not exceed the diameter of the coin, so to see the creatures in the water almost impossible.

The government of the U.S. state asking citizens not to swim in the pond for a while. It should be noted that jellyfish every year in different rivers. For example, the last time the animals were recorded in the pond, Shrewsbury (Monmouth County).

Jellyfish-crosses are found where there is enough vegetation to hide. To identify creatures can be bright cross-shaped pattern that forms their internal organs.

Stung man should treat the spot with vinegar to neutralize stinging cells plunged, and then, wearing gloves, to pull out of the skin of the tentacles. The doctor’s visit bites is not to get complacent.

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