In new Jersey the baby was crawling in the middle of a busy motorway (photo)

В Нью-Джерси младенец полз посреди оживленной автострады (фото)

In new Jersey the baby was crawling in the middle of a busy motorway (photo)

Author: Katerina Moskalets

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The authorities in new Jersey are investigating the incident that occurred on Saturday (September 22) around 6 PM. A passing driver noticed the baby that was crawling on a busy road Joe Parker Road.

According to the motorist, 41-year-old Corey cannon of Eatontown, he thought at first that middle of the road just is a toy. However, when he noticed some movement, I realized that this is actually a baby. Then the man got out of his car to stop traffic.

Witness the shocking picture was a picture of a child crossing the yellow double stripe on all fours, and shared in the Facebook. In less than three days, the post gathered 2.5 thousand reposts, 1.2 thousand reactions and 750 reviews.

Parenting at its absolute worst smbah, Joe Parker Rd in Lakewood today. I thought about MyBabyGirl and wanted to whip…

Posted by Cory Black Cannon on Saturday, September 22, 2018

After cannon (who himself recently became a father) has protected the child, he immediately dialed 911. However, when the scene came the police, the baby was gone. According to the man, he was approached by a neighbor of the boy’s parents and took the baby to bring him home.

Further investigation revealed that the family of the baby didn’t know he was missing until a neighbor brought him back. Also found out that the child is likely to have left the house through a door accidentally left open his older brother.

It’s terrible, but it is not the fault of the parents, because babies do crawl out of the crib, “said PIX11’s Mary Bauer, a resident of Lakewood.

Authorities are investigating the incident with the assistance of the Department of new Jersey for the protection of children.

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