In new Jersey the water flow washed away an expensive car from the salon

В Нью-Джерси поток воды смыл дорогие авто из салона

In new Jersey the water flow washed away an expensive car from the salon

Author: Natalia Osmolovskaya

flood news new Jersey

Water is the source of life on earth, but in certain circumstances — and cause big problems.

Floodplayed in little falls (state of new Jersey), literally swept everything in its path. Went from the weather and the local dealership: the bubbling mud picked up by expensive cars and took off.

“The car from the cabin”.

Motorists, who were at this time at Rt. 46, got into a stalemate. They had to turn around and drive back.

The flow of water not only washed the car with the Parking spaces, but also filled parkland Woodland. Spreading, element always left chaos behind: a pile of crumpled new machines, cast tow, covered areas and courtyards…

“One of the cars that’s been removed from the salon of Little Falls, in the end turned out to be in the Peckman River.”

The locals are already counting caused by the nature of the losses. Some are lucky enough to save his property. Maria Florio said that only just managed to overtake his car on the area above, as the flow of water rushed into the yard, instantly flooded the garage and basement. Scared? In such situations,”there is no time to be afraid, “said Maria.

“Here’s a video which better shows the flooding in Little-mystic Falls (NJ), took the car from the cabin”.

Restoration work will begin as soon as the floods recede, said the emergency service.

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