In New Orleans collapsed in the hotel: 2 killed, 30 injured

В Новом Орлеане рухнула гостиница: 2 погибли, 30 пострадали

New Orleans had a building newly constructed Hard Rock Hotel, two people died, 30 were injured. One worker still missing in the ruins.

Rescuers continue the search for a missing person, although this is complicated by the instability of the collapsed structure. So far, no signs of life fire did not find, however, the head of the rescue service of New Orleans Tim McConnell (Tim McConnell) said that the mission will remain with the status “saving” until proof of death of missing persons.

The construction site of the Hard Rock Hotel is located near the historic French quarter. The reasons for the collapse is still installed. One side of the building completely fell down on the ground, part of the floor on the other side survived. The project’s contractor, Citadel Builders LLC is cooperating with rescuers.

Most of the wounded received serious injuries. Only one victim had surgery on his leg.