In new York city 4-year-old girl brought from kindergarten cocaine

В Нью-Йорке 4-летняя девочка принесла из детсада кокаин

In new York city 4-year-old girl brought from kindergarten cocaine

Author: Katerina Moskalets

Drugs the Bronx new York USA

Sabrina Straker was horrified when I saw in the hand of his daughter serenity capsules with white powder and heard one of them baby put in his mouth.

According to 4-year-old serenity, her classmate from kindergarten in the Bronx gave her “teeth”.

The woman immediately went to the nearest police station to report suspicious capsules militiamen. In “teeth,” which brought home the serenity, the experts found the cocaine.

The girl immediately sent to hospital doctors confirmed the presence in her system of drugs. According to the girls, one capsule she put in her mouth, but then spat out.

“She could die if I swallowed it, told PIX11 the mother. — I was furious”.

As reported to journalists by the Director of the Little Inventors Day Care Yvette Joseph, drugs someone threw over the fence.

“We have thoroughly tested our center, all children are safe,” — said the Director.

Police are investigating, could not the child, give a capsule of serenity, bring them from home. However, Sabrina Strucker requires to close the kindergarten. In her opinion, the staff made a gross violation, not usleep how the children got similar to candy capsule with drugs.

“For children, nobody watched — said the mother serenity. — A room of 15 children with two teachers and two assistants. Where were they when this happened?”

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