In new York city will close down “shutter island”

В Нью-Йорке закроют “остров проклятых”

The city Council of new York voted to close the notorious prison on Rikers island. Instead, it will open 4 new prison in the city.

“Today will go down in history books as an important date for new York. This decision is a real progress,” said Council speaker Cory Johnson (Corey Johnson).

The prison, which is located on the island of East river, became a symbol of the hardships of pre-trial detention. The most infamous case was the suicide of the Caliph Browder, who was held in prison on Rikers island for three years without being convicted of a crime. The prison is also renowned for high levels of violence and poor detention conditions.

In particular, multi-year investigation showed prosecutors in new York that adolescent prisoners are not protected from “rampant use of unnecessary and excessive force by employees of the Department of corrections and violence by other prisoners.”